What is a Call To Action

Having an effective Call to Action Plan should be an essential part of any marketing strategy. A Call to Action is a simple statement designed to capture the immediate interest of your target audience and get them to respond.

It’s a clever, friendly way to nudge them in the right direction, whether they are visiting your website or ecommerce store, checking out your social media platform, or viewing your email message, brochure or advert.


Identifying Creative & Dynamic CTAs

C2 Business can help you to use CTAs in a creative and dynamic way to stimulate your customer’s interest, their thoughts and desires. Well chosen CTAs will also reassure your visitors that getting in touch will be enjoyable, informative and without risk.


Dynamic Language, Strategic Location, Clever Design

All of our websites, marketing campaigns and materials incorporate CTAs which have been dynamically worded, strategically located and cleverly designed in terms of engaging colour and layout.


Timing Your Call to Action

Calls to action are successful when you understand where the user is on their journey. Whether you’re inviting a website visitor to sign up to a newsletter, or trying to up-sell a product on your ecommerce store, timing is crucial, and we can help you get it right.


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