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To say change is a constant in today’s world is cliché, but true nonetheless. Times are changing, as is the role of the communicator who is being asked to do more in 2018 than ever before.

In the past, communicators were expected to produce “stuff” for the business, with unknown or little-demonstrated value to the bottom line. Picture a fast food drive-through: pull up, order this week’s article, newsletter or town hall deck, pick-up your order at the next window, and pull away, only to return when you need something new.

This is not to say that producing content is not valuable in the current communication landscape. On the contrary, communicators are expected to be “always on” publishers. But above all, the big opportunity for communicators is to demonstrate value to the business.


Strategic Consultation

Whether you’re an established business or organisation looking to review your entire marketing strategy or brand proposition, an SME in need of a website refresh or new marketing push, or a start-up looking for some practical advice and inspiration to help establish your fledgling market profile, a strategic consultation from C2 Business can help you unlock your full potential and get you on track.


Marketing Plan

We can develop a detailed strategic roadmap for your marketing success, complete with audience profiles, objectives, campaign tactics, fixed budget and timescale.


Content Strategy

What content works best for my industry? Where should I post? How often? We can help you learn which platforms and types of content are relevant to your brand.


Brand Audit

Our strategy planning will also enable you to take stock of your current positioning in the market, and can identify whether you need to reorientate your approach for success. Our brand audit will take a deep dive into what will best work for you.

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